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BRIEFLY NEWS: The energy crisis is worrying Europe; Bertola Group believes it is prudent to be prepared.

The energy crisis is worrying Europe. Climate change has been afflicting the whole world for some time, but especially in this year it has been felt enormously. The price of the bills then definitely increased, and although it was possible to try to implement preventive measures, the blow in economic terms was considerable; While dealing with chrome plating and therefore producing articles with processes that use chemical substances, Bertola Group wants to be the protagonist of the green revolution and has launched processes to replace traditional galvanic treatment, with decidedly low environmental impact (PVD) or attempting to contain pollution (trivalent chrome plating). However, all this is not enough: Bertola Group believes that it is prudent to be prepared for possible future difficulties, also trying to reduce energy costs through self-consumption of the energy generated by photovoltaic panels. The addition of a further section of 300 kW photovoltaic panels is therefore being implemented, and, as far as possible, it can meet the daily energy and energy-consuming needs of Marene plant, covering a part of the production area that is still available. The choice takes advantage of the recent incentives from the Italian government and will make it possible to be less bound by the need for energy supply, but the goal is also to contain the consumption of resources that is slowly investing the planet.