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The mentality of Bertola group has always been directed towards innovation. Since the 1980s, the way of automating galvanic plants has been undertaken, in order to guarantee quality and reproducibility in the production of articles, which is a functional request to the expectations of the most demanding customers.

The current chrome plating plants are fully automated, working continuously from Monday to Saturday with defined and controlled parameters.

All these parameters are daily backed up on dedicated servers, whose information can be consulted at any time by Bertola staff and the production data is stored, virtually for an infinite period of time.

Traceability on chromed items is guaranteed by labels or markers, which report production data so that the features of the chrome plating can be found on the piece itself, at every moment of its life.


Bertola Group laboratory is equipped with the main technologies aimed at guaranteeing the conformity of the products: every day at least 10 pieces of different productions are tested with the purpose of statistical checks, through the use of dedicated instruments such as the Fischer Couloscope, the corrosion chambers and specific microscopes. There are 2 copies of each instrument to always maintain test continuity.


To innovate means to invent tomorrow
with what we have today.


Progress is what happens when impossibility gives way
to necessity.


There is true progress only when the advantages of a new technology become for everyone.


The plants are managed by specific software, which communicate with each other in 4.0 making it possible to detect the production situation and the state of the chromed items at any time. Each chrome plating rack is unique and dedicated, marked with an alphanumeric code and the items are sent in production through the use of a bar code, minimizing errors related to human operations.

The same modus operandi is also carried over to H.T. Italia, where the metallization, PVD and painting systems are managed by mutually communicating software, so as to be able to plan production more effectively, according to the logic of industrialization 4.0.

The painting systems are automated, where the volumes permit it, through the use of semi-automatic arms, reciprocators or 3D and 4D systems; it is in fact important to guarantee a specific aesthetic result, although these are custom items.

The innovations of Bertola Group have led to the production of new finishes, which are managed by a qualified team and tested on various substrates, in order to be able to offer the most suitable solution for each customer request.

a look into the future

Thanks to constant innovation, Bertola Group has created certified and interconnected systems in 4.0, to improve and manage process control and to guarantee important capacitive results through 3 work shifts while maintaining high product quality.