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BRIEFLY NEWS:: Opera Metallica is an important synergy between leading companies in surface treatments.

Bertola Group (Bertola1946 and High Technology Italia) founded together with the companies Tecnofiniture (metal polishing), ACAT (anodic oxidation) and FATTORINI VERNICI (paint manufacturer) a group of companies of Italian excellence in finishes, specialized in metal products, whether they are aluminum, iron, stainless steel, brass, or others. The purpose of this group is to bring together and create communion among companies working in the same sector, so to set up a collaborative network to provide to customers the answers they need on aesthetic finishes. Opera Metallica wants to subvert the corporate dynamics of competition, where companies are willing to wage war in order to have profit. If a customer wants a particular treatment but does not know the methods of execution, it is possible to entrust the requests to Opera Metallica’s sales representatives who will sort them to the reference company and the customer will subsequently evaluate which treatment is the most appropriate. Not only: some treatments are complementary and contribute to the creation of value for complex objects (imagine a mechanical satin finishing prior to chroming or painting), or it may be necessary to combine similar color treatments on different materials, for example by creating oxidations on aluminum and painting on plastic of the same color. Companies working in Opera Metallica are extremely close-knit, having been tempered by years of collaboration and by sharing little “secrets” with each other. In fact, they don’t see the possible competitor as a rival, but as a gift that drives them to do better and to collaborate: this is the spirit of Opera Metallica. If interested contact us!