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BRIEFLY NEWS: In the new year Bertola Group started a completely automated line for trivalent chrome plating.

European commission should shortly pronounce on the possible refusal to use chromium VI in decorative galvanic processes. The first information to be underlined is that in hexavalent chrome plating a “0”-valence chromium is deposited, starting from a process that uses “VI”-valence chromium, which is carcinogenic by contact.

Since 2013, Bertola group has joined a consortium called CTAC to present a request for the extension of the use of chromium, submitting its application in 2015.

However, the judgment of the EU, awaited for some years, seems to be imminent and appears to be moving towards the refusal to allow decorative use; this epochal change for the entire galvanic sector cannot be taken lightly, and Bertola Group, after several tests in pilot lines, started at the beginning of 2022 the construction of a fully automated trivalent chrome plating line, with “III” valence, which now has been completed; it is one of the very first trivalent chrome plating systems on metal in the world, capable of reaching resistances comparable to hexavalent chrome plating with a very similar color.

Some particularly virtuous customers have already requested to go into production with some articles that use the trivalent chrome technology, also in the automotive sector. For customers who want to be at the forefront from an ethical, environmental, occupational health and safety point of view or simply want to evaluate the treatment, it is possible to request a sample.